The story behind what is today The Sound City starts with a man by the name Rado Ivanov. Bulgarian-born, he moved from Canada to the United States in 1997. Two years later he came up with a novel approach to provide the music market with recording and rehearsal studios, imitated nowadays by many others. This idea keeps on improving throughout the years due to suggestions of Rado’s friends and clients.

The first location was situated at 573 Metropolitan Ave, where it housed nine rehearsing and one recording studios. In the year 2000, together with his ex-wife, Rado opened the second location called The Sound City, which was located on North 4th street in Williamsburg (presently this location is no longer around). The third location with fifteen rehearsing studios opened shortly after and was sold a year or so later to Robert Gyro, who called it Flood Music Studios. The fourth state-of-the-art location, 102 N8th st, was opened in 2003, renting soundproof recording rooms weekly, monthly, and annually. Some of the artists who rehearsed and recorded at Rado’s various locations include: Biohazard, Interpol, P. Diddy and many others.

Currently there are two The Sound City locations, one at 2 Berry st, and another at 102 north 6th street, which was opened in November 2007. The Berry st location is housing thirty four studios and has all the conveniences to accommodate any musician’s or band’s needs, encompassing easy-loading clocks to load music equipment, lounge for relaxation, a garden,  and refreshment drink vending machines. The north 6th street location is a home for twelve newly created studios, one of them is a large fully equipped per-hour studio.

Both locations are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (10 minutes away from Union Square in Manhattan). 
It’s conveniently accessible by car or subway, only five minutes away from the L train Bedford Ave subway station, and two minutes from the G train Nassau Ave station, and is open 24/7/365